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Welcome to my website.

I am Fatemeh.

As early as 1991 I completed an apprenticeship as a beautician in Germany, and in the years that followed I worked for well-known companies such as Yves-Rocher and Malu Wilz. Further training as a make-up artist and permanent make-up stylist deepened my knowledge, and in 2002 I opened my own cosmetics school in Mainz, which I ran successfully for many years.

Since moving to Spain in 2010, I have been working as a freelance permanent make-up specialist and make-up artist in Andalusia and Germany. ​

Continuing education is very important to me. I attend regular training courses every year to always work with the latest equipment, techniques, and colors. My many years of cooperation with cosmetic surgeons and institutes also ensure that you receive the perfect, type-appropriate advice and treatment from me. ​

I work mobile, in cooperation with hair studios in Torre del Mar and Torrox Costa. I would be happy to meet you after making an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach me via WhatsApp and/or email.

I am happy to arrange a non-binding consultation.

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My Work

Permanent Make-up


Permanent Make-up is a treatment that provides you with make-up that does not run or fade.

Permanent Make-up is a <cosmetic tattoo> which is far less intensive than a traditional tattoo and is used to compliment your everyday make-up.

It naturally brings out the most important and expressive beauty features of your face. It is in no way intended to completely replace your make-up kit.


Thanks to the state-of-the-art, gentle and skin-friendly technology complemented by the know-how of Fatemeh, our make-up artist, you are able to simply relax and enjoy the treatment.

You will be feeling great.


Through a slight, subtle emphasis on its best characteristics, the face is given a beautiful, natural-looking appearance, without looking artificial or in any way <over the- top>.


We use Permanent makeup to fill in the contours of eyebrows and lips, as well as the upper- and lower parts of the eyelid with pigmentation.

Your eyebrows will be far more captivating, and they can even be accentuated further with slight shading.

Lacking hair growth can be visually compensated for.

Eyes and lips will appear larger and more radiant.

In short: your face will look even more beautiful with a touch of THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING.


Customized Permanent makeup is perfectly suited for women and men:

  • Who enjoys looking natural and fresh even without applying to make up

  • Who play sports, swim often, or visit the sauna, and still want to look great while doing physical exercise, without running- or smeared makeup that needs adjustment all the time.

  • Who wear glasses and cannot achieve the optimal makeup combination either with- or without their glasses on

  • Who only have sparse or incomplete eyebrows, or even no eyebrows at all, and thus have to compensate for this with makeup every day

  • Instead of having to apply eye make up every day prefers a thin eyeliner that can lend the eye more radiance and make the lashes appear voluminous

  • Who do not have clear lip contours (i.e. due to herpes) or have thin lips that can benefit from an optical lift and more clean-cut lip contours

  • Who wish to change their eyebrows or lip contours

  • Those who have had face-changing medical procedures such as operations or accidents and require treatment for the scarring in order to regain the natural appearance of the face, even add an individual note in the process (this benefit is also possible for men).

  • Permanent Make up is great for any woman- as a natural addition to makeup.


Do not hesitate to contact me.

WhatsApp +34 695 321 065

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